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Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W Fat Tire

Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W Fat Tire

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Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W Fat Tire is perfect for adults and seniors that need a decent road bike for commuting. This electric bike, sports, the classic step-through, a frame plus a powerful electric drivetrain for going down, bumpy roads, and traveling off-road paths.

Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W

eview Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W
MODEL Panther Pro Motor type DC Brushless
Motor power 500W Range 28 Miles
Open For Full Review

It features a powerful Baffang 500 watt, brushless, DC motor sitting inside the rear wheel that gives it impressive performance, whether on the road and off-road. This electric bike has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. It comes with a 10.4 amp-hour power pack, consisting of lithium-ion batteries for consistent voltage.

Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W

Regardless of charge level, the bike can travel up to 28 miles on a single charge. So, it lasts throughout the day, even if you ride fast, the bike charges to fall in four to six hours. The Emojo Panther Pro electric bike comes with a three-level pedal assist and a throttle. Choose the minimal assist for more range, or the throttle to ride fast on the road without a sweat.

The Emojo panther pro comes with 26-inch spoked rims and three-inch Kenda general-purpose tires.

Review Emojo Panther PRO 48V 500W

Emojo makes cool, fun affordable ebikes for all walks of life. Based out of Irvine California laid-back cool California comes by within the styles and colors that Emojo makes use of to produce distinctive electric bikes that flip heads.

Whether it’s the Emojo Lynx folding ebike, the Emojo Hurricane seashore cruiser, the Emojo Wildcat fat tire mountain bike, you’ll discover an enjoyable no-frills ebike good for you. Heck, they even have a 3-wheeled trike referred to as the Emojo Caddy. Emojo has ebikes for the beach, the promenade, the golf course, offroad, or simply driving all the way down to the store for some groceries. They have a motto over at Emojo HQ, “Ride Life!”

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