Reviews BakCou Mule eBike

Reviews BakCou Mule eBike

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Reviews BakCou Mule eBike – We’re here at the BakCou headquarters here in Northern Utah. We’re so excited to be here, Brian here is going to give us a rundown of the 2020 lineup. We want to go through our 2020 mule. The mule has been the number one selling fat tire electric hunting bike in the US for two and a half years.

Reviews BakCou Mule eBike

Reviews BakCou Mule eBike
MotorBafang Ultra mid-drive Motor with Torque SensorBatteryPanasonic 48v 14.5ah 17.4ah, 21ah
Range40+ MilesLoad Capacity300lbs
Open Full Specifications

Now, one of the big reasons behind that is because of the motor. The mule is built around baffang’s ultra mid-drive motor which is widely recognized as the diesel engine. The mid-drive motor class creates 160-newton meters of torque. It’s built with all heavy-duty metal gearing. It’s built for off-road rough rugged terrain built to last the mule is equipped with a long-lasting lithium-ion cell battery.

It comes with a 14.5 amp-hour battery, but you can upgrade to a 17 or to a 21. Guys will quite often ask us well, why would I want to upgrade to a larger battery? Simply put your battery is your gas tank, the bigger your battery, the further you’re going to be able to go. So, at a 14.5 amp hour battery, a guy like me at 165 pounds, I get roughly 30 miles out of one of these batteries.

if I jump up to a 17, then I’m going to get roughly 37, or so miles out of a battery. if I jump up to a 21, then I’m going to be up into 44 – 45 mile range on a 21 amp hour battery. There is a little bit of a cost upfront but I can tell you, once you do, you’ll never regret what you did next. The mule is equipped with all high components, it’s built with wide handlebars for a good base of support.

Reviews BakCou Mule eBike

It’s got locking handle grips, has dual-piston, hydraulic disc brakes, that great stopping power. It’s built with an air suspension, not everybody comes in the same package. We got some riders that are 250, and some that are 150. This allows you to be able to dial this bike into the size of the rider, as well as the terrain that you’re riding in.

If you’re riding in a rough rugged train, then you want a lot of suspensions. If you’re riding on hard-packed trails, then it allows you to ride on a little stiffer suspension comes with maxi’s minion tires 203 millimeters, front rotor, and 180-millimeter rear rotor, the mule comes standard with a paneer rack,  comes with front and rear fenders, and comes with a 400-lumen headlight.

It comes with a 2 amp charger. Guys will quite often ask us, how long does it take to charge your battery? Well on a 2 amp charger, a 14.5 amp hour battery will take you somewhere between four and a half to five hours to charge on a 110 outlet in your home. The Mule comes with a 40 tooth front chainring, and a 12 by 36 rear cassette.

Best Seller

BAKCOU Mule Elite Hunter Package
BAKCOU Mule Elite Hunter Package
Price: $4,899.00
The BAKCOU Mule is one of the easiest to control. It comes standard with an LCD display that helps you keep up with your speed and battery life which is always important to anyone that hunts.

This gives you great top-end speed in the 30 plus mile an hour range, but still has those low gears to be able to climb, like I mentioned a few minutes ago has white stance pedals, that have a big cleat on them.  They’ll grab your boot has big holes in the pedals, so that mud doesn’t accumulate, snow doesn’t accumulate on your pedals when you’re riding.

The stability of the mule on these four-inch fat tires just gives you the ability to ride on the sand, on snow really just feels very stable to you. And, I think is a big part of why the mule has been the number one selling hunting bike in the U.S, equipped with a color LCD display a walk assist mode. Sometimes you get into areas, where there’s just so much deadfall, that and maybe, you’re pulling a trailer behind you.

You can jump off the bike, you can put it into a walk assist mode, and you can walk it through the deadfall, jump back on it, and head down the trail. So, what I was talking about is the excitement that has been created by our new models, that are coming out for 2020. We’ve come out with a step-through model, and the step-through model takes this top tube and allows it to swoop down a little bit more.

The standover height of the regular mule is about 29 inches, but if you get the step-through model with 26-inch wheels. It drops down to a 26 and a half inch standover height. So, those riders have a little bit shorter leg length. Now, can stand over the top of our 26-inch tire step through mule, and feel a little bit more stable, when they’re standing over the bike.

Final Thought

Reviews BakCou Mule eBike – The mule step through with the 24-inch tires, this is gonna be an awesome bike. I love the Mule. I personally love the mule, love the look. The neat thing about the 24-inch step-through mule is that the frame is actually a little bit smaller. In order to fit with a 24-inch tire. The fork is a little bit smaller, and the suspension is a little bit smaller.  The one thing I’m excited about is color. We’re getting some different colors.

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