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Review Emojo Lynx eBike

Review Emojo Lynx eBike

ebike for hunters

Review Emojo Lynx eBike – It’s made to be a tank. I mean you can really be tracked this bike, and thanks to the 20 inch in diameter, and 4 inches wide tires. It basically goes where you point it, you can ride it on sand, mud, gravel. This thing can really take it.

Review Emojo Lynx eBike

It’s got a 500 watt geared, the same for your hub motor, and a 36 volt 10.4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery.  That is removable and that gives us thing plenty of power. These are really popular with fishermen, hunters, people that like to go outdoors and do some hopper road.

Review Emojo Lynx eBike

I think it’s not a traditional mountain bike, but it’s more like a monster truck, really, because you can kind of ride over anything. This bike goes where you pointed and thanks to the low-pressure 30 psi big fat tires. It even absorbs all that bounce, so you don’t really need suspension, because the tires are doing all the work for you.

On top of that, the whole bike weighs about 50 pounds. It has the pedal assist, three different levels the pedal assist, so any pedal the motor will automatically kick in and help you out, and then a thumb throttle right here, that’ll make this thing go forward. You can use it like a regular bike. you can use it as a thumb throttle. or you can use pedal assist. All three work out and switch automatically.

So, that’s Emojo lynx. This is a fun bike. I mean, the fat tires mean you can go just about anywhere. Now, it showed you’re trying it out on the loose, and you still don’t really get going anywhere on the loose, and it kind of floats over it, but you don’t get any grip to like turn or anything. I have tried this on gravel and off-roading, and it kind of handles dirt, no problem, just as for Lauderdale Beach sand. It is not like anything other than that.

Review Emojo Lynx eBike

The only complaint I’d have about this bike is the pedal-assist kind of kicks in way abruptly. So you’ll start pedaling then all of a sudden go, you know really gives a jolt of power, but that’s one of.

The nice lynx on this bike is that’s a ton of power. I mean, it gets going fast, and even with the wide 20-inch wheels. This thing gets up to full speed quickly, have you been to one of the guys. I told these to make a kayak trailer and tow. It all out throughout, it throughout the Everglades with one of these bikes.  So, that’s pretty cool. They said it has plenty of power to tow just about anything.

Emojo Lynx PRO 750

Emojo Lynx PRO 750
Emojo Lynx PRO 750
Price: $1,729.00
Emojo Lynx PRO 750 Folding Electric Bike – Emojo makes cool, fun reasonably priced ebikes for all walks of life. Based out of Irvine California laid-back cool California comes via in the styles and colors that Emojo uses to provide distinctive electrical bikes that flip heads.

Now, on top of that, it’s folding, it looks nice, it’s a lot of fun. You can like jump curbs, and with the big fat tires and kind of go anywhere. The Emojo Lynx, good solid bike. Everything on it is a lot of fun. so I’d recommend it. So, that’s Emojo Lynx electric fat tire folding bike. It’s a lot of fun, I had a great time.

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