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Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike

Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike

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Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike – Today I’m out in San Clemente California testing out the Rungu electric bike. It’s time to see if three wheels really are better than two. At first glance, the Rungu admittedly looks pretty odd for a bicycle. The double front wheels are obviously out of place, but when you get the chance to experience riding one, you suddenly realize, how much the dual front wheels improve performance on tricky off-road terrain.

Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike

Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike
Motor Bafang 1120W Battery 52V 15Ah
Tires XL 4.7″ Weight 94.6lbs
Open Full Specifications

Well, I wasn’t sure if the design was a gimmick, when I first saw it after having experienced, it firsthand I can say that it is definitely an awesome ride, that took me places and over terrain than a normal fat tire bike just couldn’t handle. The dual front wheels give you great stability, and allow you to tackle obstacles more slowly, without worrying about falling off like a regular bicycle.

Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike

And with a 1.5 kilowatt a faing BBS HD mid-drive motor. It has the power to get you up in over some tough obstacles that could stall standard fat-tire bikes. The dual front wheels are close enough together that it still tracks like a standard bicycle, and so you can’t 100% rely on, not having to put a foot down occasionally, but the stability is definitely much better than a standard ebike.

Another area chines in are on very soft sand, and loose dirt, while fat tire bikes are great at riding on hard-packed sand. Especially, down by the high tide mark, they can still get bogged down in the most powdery of loose sand. But with an extra wheel to help, keep you from plowing down into the sand. The Rungu flies over pretty much any type of sand, loose dirt, or snow. Of course, the wrong who also works just fine on the road.

Rungu Dualie Steep

Rungu Dualie Steep
Rungu Dualie Steep
Price: $4,899.00
Rungu Dualie Steep offers the same unparalleled off-road performance as the Rungu Dualie Standard, but comes with Rungu Mud Guards and the Rungu Cargo Rack included in the package.

But the ability to transition back, and forth from the road to any other terrain is what makes the ride so much fun. With 1.5 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity, from 252 volt 15 amp hour batteries, it can last you for a whole day of riding.

I did about 6 hours of riding where I traversed around 45 miles including some really tough riding in loose dirt, and sand which burns up battery quickly, and a lot of hill climbing. I was using the throttle instead of pedal assist most of the time though. I did try to pedal a bit, but with a combination of on and off-road.

Testing Rungu three wheeled ebike

Final Thought

Riding Rungu have been able to approach a hundred miles on some trips in the past. The bikes are not cheap though starting in the low three thousand dollars, and progressing up into the five thousand for the higher-end models.

So, this isn’t an on a whim type of purchase, but if you’re someone who needs the ability to traverse tough terrain, such as lots of beach riding, or perhaps pulling a hunting trailer through the woods, the Rungu could be a great option.

I can definitely see it replacing ATVs and quads as a much lighter, quieter, lower maintenance, and more fun option. So, while it is a niche vehicle and not one that I have a big use for in my daily Boston commute. There’s definitely a market for these Rungu to help riders reach some pretty incredible places off the beaten path.

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