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Rungu Dualie Bike

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Rungu Dualie Bike – The Rungu® Dualie™, which developed from the Rungu Electric Juggernaut, began out as an answer to a local downside, “how best to transport equipment across the beach to the ocean?” In California, getting surf or fishing gear across the San Onofre State Beach is a chore for surfers and fishermen.

Rungu Dualie Bike

4x4s aren’t allowed on the seashore, and the closest parking is two miles away. To get to the ocean, surfers can follow state park dirt roads by e-bike or cross the beach on foot. E-bikes don’t carry out in the soft sand, and Quads aren’t allowed inside 50 miles of the beach.

Rungu Specifications

Rungu TypesRubicon Trail EditionXR SteepRugged
MotorBafang 1120W Mid DriveBafang 1120W Mid DriveBafang 1120W Mid Drive
BatteryDual 52V 15AhDual 52V 15Ah52V 15Ah
TiresMaxxis Minion 4.8″ FBFMaxxis Minion 4.8″ FBFMaxxis Minion 4.8″ FBF
Weight120 lbs111.5 LBS103.1 lbs
Max weight332 lbs332 lbs344 lbs
Max Towing300 lbs300 lbs300 lbs


Rungu Dualie Standard

Rungu Dualie Standard
Rungu Dualie Standard
Price: $4,449.00
Rungu® Dualie™ Standard’s patented Double Wheel design outperforms any single-front-wheel e-bike off-road where it matters – in slimy mud, through soft snow, on deep sand, and over scree and rocky terrain.


Rungu Dualie Standard

Rungu Dualie Steep
Rungu Dualie Steep
Price: $4,899.00
Rungu Dualie Steep offers the same unparalleled off-road performance as the Rungu Dualie Standard but comes with Rungu Mud Guards and the Rungu Cargo Rack included in the package.


Commitment To Quality

Every Rungu Dualie is built and tested in Santa Ana, California. The Rungu staff uses rigorous quality control to deliver the perfect e-ATV in the marketplace. The group evaluates every body on three calibrated testing fixtures before acceptance. In assembly, technicians use lasers to align the front wheels to millimeter accuracy and automatic battery testing to ensure capacity and discharge requirements.

Finally, every Dualie or Dualie XR should go a 40-step last inspection and test journey by a high quality control technician before shipment to a customer or vendor.

Rungu Dualie Bike

The commitment to high quality backs Rungu’s two-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of supply. Many prospects buy earlier than ever making an attempt one.

Rungu is so certain of the Dualie’s performance, Rungu affords the “Goes Where Others Can’t” Performance Guarantee – If, as they promise, your new Rungu® Dualie™ e-bike doesn’t go where other e-bikes can’t go, we’ll purchase it again.

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