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Bakcou Storm G2 – BAKCOU is committed to the design and manufacturing of the very best electric hunting bikes, bicycle parts, and associated merchandise in the marketplace. They are uncompromising of their supplies, the process of producing, growth of new merchandise, and innovation of the highest quality. The company was founded on a number of primary principles.

Bakcou Storm G2

  • First, was the love for the backcountry and the will to entry these distant areas with minimal disturbance to wildlife and their habitat by means of quiet and non-pollutant means.
  • The second was to design and construct the most sturdy and efficient, but inexpensive, electric bikes on the market. Their aim wasn’t to create a mountain bike conversion package by merely including a motor to a bicycle frame that wasn’t designed and meant to function with one. Instead, they designed the bike around the motor and the drive train with the required framework and durability needed to resist the abuse and demands positioned on it and then included a complete warranty to stand behind it.
  • Thirdly, BAKCOU was built by sportsmen and outdoor lovers for people who want the same factor, which is to climb higher, go farther and discover extra with out including more stress to the environment.

Bakcou Storm G2 Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou Storm G2 – The Storm is constructed with a Smart Torque-Sensing motor. This revolutionary innovation enables you to toggle between 750 watts and 1,000 continuous watts. With a max energy output of 1,500 watts.

MotorBafang Ultra mid-drive Motor with Torque Sensor
BatteryPanasonic 48v, 17.4ah, 21ah
Range40+ Miles
Size19” Frame
Stand Over Height30.5”
ThrottleLeft Thumb
Load Capacity300lbs
Weight72 lbs
GearingSRAM Hill-Climbing 9sp, 40t Front & Sunrace 11-42t Rear cassette

An effective way to get to and from your hunting location without stress is on the again of a BAKCOU Storm electrical bike. This robust and durable e-bike was designed with the hunter in thoughts and has loads of superb features that we will learn extra about under.

Best Seller

BAKCOU Storm G2 Hunter Package
BAKCOU Storm G2 Hunter Package
Price: $5,897.00
The guys over at BAKCOU have spent countless hours in research, development, testing, and trial of the MULE and believe it’s the absolute BEST hunting ebike on the market! The Mule also made it onto the Top 11 Electric Hunting Bikes for 2021.

BakCou Storm VS BakCou Mule

BakCou Storm Specifications

BakCou StormBakCou Mule
Motor:Bafang Ultra mid-drive Motor with Torque SensorBafang Ultra mid-drive Motor with Torque Sensor
Battery:Panasonic 48v, 17.4ah, 21ahPanasonic 48v 14.5ah 17.4ah, 21ah
Range:40+ Miles40+ Miles
Size:19” Frame18″ Frame suited for 5’9″ to 6’4″
Load Capacity:300lbs300lbs
Weight:72 lbs68 lbs
Gearing:SRAM Hill-Climbing 9sp, 40t Front & Sunrace 11-42t Rear cassetteShimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed, 40t Front 11x36t cassette
Power:750 watt or 1000 watt750 watt or 1000 watt
Open For Full SpecificationOpen For Full Specification

The BAKCOU Storm comes in two different power options. Hunters can choose between the 750-watt option or the 1000 watt option. Both of these options are powered by a highly rated Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor with a torque sensor.

One of the best electric motors on the market, the is fueled by a 48-volt extended distance battery. Having this much juice will allow hunters to go up to 40 miles on just one charge!

This will let you cover plenty of ground and go where you never thought possible before. Once your battery does get low, simply return to base camp and charge it overnight so that it will be ready for another day of hunting.

BakCou Storm Reviews

They all have an electric motor a lithium-ion battery to power the motor, and they all rattle ride on fat tires. They are designed for off-road terrain, and that includes trails farms, roads, and meadows. They are silent, leave no scent, and can move you to your tree stand with minimal effort, and more importantly, minimal disruption.

But, not all e-bikes are created equal, that’s especially true. This new Bakcou store the storm is one of the most powerful and rugged e-bikes. I’ve ever seen the bike is shipped direct to you, and some assembly is required. I needed three small tools for assembly, and like most men, I refused to read the instructions.

The bike is easy to put together, and it took me about 40 minutes, had I read the instructions? It would have taken me 20 minutes. The Bakcou storm has some incredible features, but one feature jumped out at me, and that is for public land hunters.

Bakcou Storm hunting eBike Review

When it comes to hunting, there’s simply nothing better than an e-bike, and as e-bikes are concerned. The Bakcou storm is one of the best on the market. I was extremely impressed with the power. The ride and the thoughtful designs especially with the accessories. If you want to check out more go to the website and check out the storm. They also have their popular mule and other bikes as well. We hope you enjoyed this review and as always have a safe and successful hunting season you.

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