QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag


QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag – QuietKat is an electric hunting bike company that manufactures electrical fat-tire mountain bikes and all-terrain e-trikes.

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QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag – QuietKat is an electric hunting bike company that manufactures electrical fat-tire mountain bikes and all-terrain e-trikes. Quietkat produce solid constructed ebikes for hunting with top elements. It’s a game-changer.

QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag

QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag
QuietKat Front Handlebar Dry Bag
Brand: Quietkat
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The QuietKat Handlebar Bag is a must-have for carrying accessories you need to access quickly while riding. Made with marine-grade waterproof materials, with a hard plastic interior for added rigidity.


  • Model #: 18QKHBB
  • UPC #: 680666715434
  • Exterior pockets
  • Zippered interior pocket
  • Shoulder strap for use as a day pack
  • 10”x 6”x 8” approx.. inside dimensions

QuietKat fat-tire bikes allow folks to access the wilderness in a fast, enjoyable, and sustainable way. Regardless of age, gender, mobility limitations or hunting location. It’s a game-changer for everyone that gets one. With an electrical hunting bike in your arsenal your subsequent trip with be your finest but.

Electric hunting bikes are these days broadly accepted by hunters as an extra hunting device of their arsenal, overlaying extra floor in much less time and reaching extra remote places without dragging gear by lengthy stretches of woods.

The benefits cannot only prolong your reach on an individual trip but you possibly can extend your hunting for many seasons after you’ll have needed to give up trying to achieve that sweet spot.

Quietkat Motor Options: Rear Hub Or Mid Drive?

Quietkat eBike is available in varied choices, color, body design, rigid fork, or suspension. But an important question you’ll want to ask your self is which motor do I would like, Rear Hub or Mid-Drive?  By providing each types of motors Quietkat is offering an eBike for everyone, at completely different price points and totally different capabilities. But what are the key variations between the 2?

Rear hub motors sit encased in the rear wheel while the mid-drive motor is positioned in the middle of the bike between the pedals. Both carry out properly and provides very good power to the rider. The rear hub prices less to produce so is generally the deciding issue on eBike value.

Quietkat makes use of Bafang motors which are the very best motors on the market so whether or not you choose a Quietkat eBike with a rear hub or mid-drive, you’re buying a terrific eBike with a high quality motor.

Hub Motor vs Mid Drive Motor

The mid-drive motor is understood for greater performance and higher torque when compared to a rear hub motor allowing it to carry out higher on hills.

The important purpose being the mid-drive motor engages straight with the drivetrain, instead of the wheel itself, multiplying its energy and allowing it to raised reap the benefits of the eBike’s current gears. This interprets to a extra efficient motor and a better-balanced e-bike.

Their electrical hunting bikes additionally transcend the woods, making them great for mobility, commuting, and utility functions. They are engineered for off-road travel, offering transportable, stealthy, and powerful transportation.

They are additionally great for local commuting. Lithium-ion batteries provide clear, inexperienced, and silent energy to navigate all kinds of driving landscapes.

They have a wide array of electrical hunting bikes that had been constructed specifically to dominate difficult terrain and do it quietly so you can get to your tree stand or test your path cameras without spooking the wildlife and without leaving a scent path. And doing all that in a fraction of the time it might take on foot.

Top Reasons You Need One

  1. Go Farther – eBikes enable you to go farther in a fraction of the time it will take to stroll in
  2. Built By Hunters – Quietkat eBikes are built by a hunter for hunters, so that you get not just an ebike, you get an electric hunting bike constructed to your hunting wants
  3. No Scent Trail- With an eBike you can move around without leaving a scent trail and acquire a vital benefit while you want it most.
  4. Move Stealthly -Quietkat eBikes are named appropriately. They are surprisingly quiet so that you don’t spook the game.
  5. Carry Extra Gear – They are constructed to carry 300lbs and if that’s not sufficient the trailers can carry an extra 100lbs so you can also make it one quick easy journey in and out instead of a tiring back and forth lugging heavy gear on your again. Plus the bunch of different equipment out there like rear racks and waterproof saddlebags for additional storage on the bike and never on your back.
  6. Stay Out Longer- With the chance to carry more gear and provides you possibly can keep out longer than earlier than.
  7. Age is Not a Factor – eBikes make it simpler for anybody to achieve distant spots with out the fatigue of hiking with gear so regardless of your age or physical stature those as soon as forgotten golden spots are attainable again.
  8. Limited Mobility Not an Obstacle- Hunters with restricted mobility, whether or not it’s an previous damage that didn’t heal properly or a life-changing damage, an eBike could make a world of difference and get you back out hunting again.
  9. Reach Remote Unspoiled Spots – You can go farther than the weekend warrior is prepared to walk.
  10. Leave them behind and take your eBike to that distant location.
  11. Check Trail Cameras Quickly- eBikes can go between 20 and 25 mph relying on the model. You can examine your perimeter and trail cameras and be back earlier than you miss anything.
  12. Stay Safe – eBikes are fast so you can get out of a doubtlessly dangerous scenario in seconds
  13. Environmentally Friendly – Hunting can also be about preservation. Quietkat is aware of this and built an eBike that is extremely pleasant to the setting.

Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources officer using Quietkat eBike to patrol land

Quietkat stands behind their eBikes, that’s why each Quietkat eBike comes with a lifetime warranty on the body in opposition to dangerous workmanship. Quietkat eBikes are built to withstand offroad terrain riding in powerful situations so with a assure like that you realize you’re getting a well-built machine that will stand the check of time.

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