Emojo E1 48V Electric Cargo Bike

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike – Emojo makes cool, enjoyable reasonably priced ebikes for all walks of life. Based out of Irvine California laid-back cool California comes by way of in the styles and colours that Emojo makes use of to provide unique electric bikes that flip heads.

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike – Whether it’s the Emojo Lynx folding ebike, the Emojo Hurricane seashore cruiser, the Emojo Wildcat fats tire mountain bike, you’ll discover a enjoyable no-frills ebike excellent for you. Heck, they even have a 3-wheeled trike called the Emojo Caddy. Emojo has ebikes for the seashore, the promenade, the golf course, offroad, or simply merely riding all the way down to the store for some groceries. They have a motto over at Emojo HQ, “Ride Life!”

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike

5 Top Reasons You Need Emojo

  1. Wide Variety – Emojo’s vast number of electric bike types ensures you discover the best ebike in your wants
  2. Affordable – Emojo makes ebikes which might be affordable, reliable, and enjoyable to experience. Simple.
  3. Good Models Improved – Emojo’s folding electrical bike (The Lynx) comes in quite a lot of models with 36V or 48V so you may choose which suits you extra.
  4. Convenient – Emojo electric bikes can go 20 to 30 miles on a single charge with no pedaling so regardless of your fitness stage you may get back riding and enjoy the outdoor, get more completed, and go farther than you’d with an everyday without breaking a sweat!
  5. Compact – Emojo’s folding ebike models fold down actually small and might match in the trunk of your automotive or on the backseat so you can take it wherever and retailer it indoors simply.
    Safe From Theft – Since you may fold it up and take it inside with you, you by no means have to worry about leaving it locked up outside and getting stolen.

Emojo Products

1EMOJO Caddy PRO Fat Tire TrikeView eBike
2EMOJO Caddy Fat Tire TrikeView eBike
3Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain BikeView eBike
4Emojo Panther PROView eBike
5EMOJO RAM Sport 750W Step-Thru Fat Tire BikeView eBike
6Emojo Lynx PRO 750 Folding Electric BikeView eBike
7Emojo PantherView eBike
8EMOJO Lynx Pro Sport 500W 48V Folding Electric BikeView eBike
9Emojo Hurricane Beach Electric Cruiser BikeView eBike
10Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra 48V Folding Electric BikeView eBike
11EMOJO Wildcat Pro Electric Mountain BikeView eBike
12Emojo Breeze Beach Cruiser Electric BikeView eBike
13Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain BikeView eBike
15Emojo Crosstown Electric Folding BikeView eBike
16Extra Battery for Emojo Wildcat or Cougar 48VView eBike
17Extra 48V battery for the Emojo Lynx Pro ModelsView eBike
18Emojo Metal Fenders for WildcatView eBike
19Emojo Lynx Pro Metal FendersView eBike
20Emojo Rear Rack for WildcatView eBike
21Emojo Rear Rack for Lynx ModelsView eBike
2248V Charger for Lynx Pro and Caddy ModelsView eBike
23Emojo 48v Charger (Cougar and Wildcat)View eBike
24Emojo Plastic FendersView eBike

Emojo Best Seller

The Lynx folding electrical bike is Emojo’s best-selling bike. It’s easy to see why. Its small 20cm wheels and folding capabilities make it very handy to maintain round the home or within the workplace. And with 4” fats tires you may take it down the seashore and it will perform extremely effectively.

Best Seller

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike
Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra
Price: $1,599.00
the Lynx Pro Ultra is mainly the brand new Lynx Pro with the 48V and all of the add included, included is both fenders, rear rack, cellphone holder, entrance mild and LCD show. The Emojo Lynx is a greatest seller and fan favorite, from roads to sandy beaches, the sturdy alloy frame paired with a Bafang 500-watt electric motor that provides a fast increase when wanted or simply to aid deal with steep uphills.

The Emojo Lynx is a really sturdy eBike that may go just about anyplace, due to its fats tires! This bike is ideal for those searching for one thing moveable and straightforward to retailer when it’s not in use. It has an enormous vary of 30 miles which gives you more room to discover and have fun with your folks. You really cannot go incorrect with the Lynx electric folding bike!

Emojo eBike Reviews

Emojo Panther

Emojo Panther is a fun beach cruiser that does well in neighborhoods as well. I like the mix of comfort and agility here. However, there are some tradeoffs to consider. The 6 magnet cadence sensor is pretty old-fashioned by current standards, it has a lagged feel and the sensor itself isn’t sealed to keep out gunk and debris.

The frame has some flex to it, I noticed it in the review video and this is something to be aware of when riding. The tire setup is interesting here, and it does have its benefits, I just wonder with so many fat-tire specific parts why you wouldn’t just complete it with actual fat tires. But still, it works well and EMOJO has a headquarters based in Irvine CA, and backs their product with a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Way cool! EMOJO has a passionate and helpful team, I look forward to checking out their other bikes as well.

The Caddy Trike

The Caddy Trike is really cool and could have a lot of uses like a farm vehicle, mobility trike, or even an errand-runner. There are some tradeoffs here though, so I suggest looking at the few I mention here as well as the Cons bullet points to see if this is the right fit for you. The 20mph top speed is overkill for a trike and potentially dangerous.

I was annoyed with the 9 levels of 6 magnet cadence pedal assist, although Sam mentioned most people will likely only use the throttle. Probably the biggest one would be the size. It is definitely on the heavy and unwieldy side. Parking and maneuvering in and out of a garage could be tough if you don’t have space, and during the ride, we were worried the back wheels and their lugs could scrape a car or curb, so do be aware of that.

But for $2,799 you get a lot of utility and I really loved the fat tires and tailgate rear basket. EMOJO has been around for a few years now, and they even offer a 1-year comprehensive warranty, so this could be a good setup if it piques your interest.


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