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QuietKat climb

How good can a QuietKat climb and dealing with sand

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How good can a QuietKat climb and dealing with sand – I’m out here with my QuietKat warrior. First time in the woods. This is essential, West Michigan. So, it’s real sandy, as you can see here, and I wanted to do a couple of climbing tests, going onto my property.

How good can a QuietKat climb?

So, I had a first Hill, all sand. I think would be a good representation of how this thing can climb. Hopefully, we’re gonna find out, and then I have another hill that is even bigger which I have my doubts. That’s a pretty big Sand Hill, but anyway, we’re gonna try it again.

QuietKat Warrior

QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike
QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike
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QuietKat fat-tire bikes enable individuals to access the wilderness in a fast, enjoyable, and sustainable approach. Regardless of age, gender, mobility limitations, or hunting location. It’s a game-changer for everybody that gets one. With an electrical hunting bike in your arsenal your subsequent trip with being your best yet.


I have a QuietKat warrior which is 1000 watts, and so far I’ve been very happy with it. I’m gonna just start this thing all the way up at five, go down the hill, and then go back up, and see how tough it was.  Definitely sandy, how do you bet other than fighting the sand. It’s too bad, let’s say other than the sand.

How good can a QuietKat climb

If this was just regular dirt or gravel, or it would have been no problem whatsoever. It wasn’t any problem at all, that big old four and a half-inch tires fighting that sand, load that, makes all the difference in the world.

I’ve used my regular mountain bike. I can’t bail out here. It’s not pleasant, I got another little hill up here. I’ll bump it up to four, just for the hell of it. No problem, clicking back down. Okay, we’re on the other side of my property, and call us the gorge, very deep. There’s a creek down at the bottom of all sand,  and I’ve never taken a mountain bike, down it, not less this one.

How good can a QuietKat climb

This should be good or painful. They give you a pretty good indication if I can make it up that hill which I’m giving him my doubts about right now. Well, we’re gonna try definitely put this up on five, and I’m thinking the best course is down here, very sandy. I’m gonna go down real slow here. He has great brakes on them. Big disc brakes at the bottom.

So, now I’ve got to go up the hill. I have no idea, how this is gonna go. That’s more user error. I’m doubting this very much, and I’m gonna go over here on this side. Well, that’s sandy, let’s see, I’m impressed made it up breathing a little bit, but breathing less than if I had to walk up that.

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