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Emojo Lynx Pro Sport 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike

Emojo Lynx Pro 750W

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Emojo Lynx Pro 750W – Emojo makes cool, fun inexpensive ebikes for all walks of life. Based out of Irvine California laid-back cool California comes by means of in the kinds and colours that Emojo makes use of to supply distinctive electric bikes that flip heads.

Emojo Lynx Pro 750W

Whether it’s the Emojo Lynx folding ebike, the Emojo Hurricane beach cruiser, the Emojo Wildcat fat tire mountain bike, you’ll find a enjoyable no-frills ebike perfect for you. Heck, they actually have a 3-wheeled trike called the Emojo Caddy. Emojo has ebikes for the seaside, the promenade, the golf course, offroad, or simply simply driving all the way down to the store for some groceries. They have a motto over at Emojo HQ, “Ride Life!”

Emojo photo of multiple ebike models

5 Top Reasons You Need Emojo

  1. Wide Variety – Emojo’s large number of electrical bike kinds ensures you find one of the best e-bike on your needs
  2. Affordable – Emojo makes ebikes which are affordable, reliable, and fun to experience. Simple.
  3. Good Models Improved – Emojo’s folding electrical bike (The Lynx) is available in quite a lot of models with 36V or 48V so you can choose which suits you extra.
  4. Convenient – Emojo electrical bikes can go 20 to 30 miles on a single charge with no pedaling so irrespective of your fitness level you can get again driving and enjoy the open air, get extra accomplished, and go farther than you would with a daily with out breaking a sweat!
  5. Compact – Emojo’s folding e-bike models fold down really small and may fit in the trunk of your automobile or on the backseat so you’ll be able to take it anyplace and retailer it indoors easily.
    Safe From Theft – Since you’ll be able to fold it up and take it inside with you, you never have to worry about leaving it locked up outdoors and getting stolen.

Emojo Lynx Pro Specifications

Motor sort DC Brushless
Motor power 750W
Rated Voltage 48 V
Battery vary 30 Miles
Battery charging time 4 – 6 hours
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery capability 48V/10.4Ah
Dimensions (inch) 67L x 24 W x 45 H
Dimensions folded 39L x 18 W x 26H
Frame Aluminum-foldable
Max. person weight 230 lbs
Vehicle weight 55 lbs (with battery)
Transmission type Shimano Altus 7-Speed
Front brake / Rear brake kind Tektro-Disc
Tire measurement 4.0R 20 Kenda

Emojo Products

1 EMOJO Caddy PRO Fat Tire Trike View eBike
2 EMOJO Caddy Fat Tire Trike View eBike
3 Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain Bike View eBike
4 Emojo Panther PRO View eBike
5 EMOJO RAM Sport 750W Step-Thru Fat Tire Bike View eBike
6 Emojo Lynx PRO 750 Folding Electric Bike View eBike
7 Emojo Panther View eBike
8 EMOJO Lynx Pro Sport 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike View eBike
9 Emojo Hurricane Beach Electric Cruiser Bike View eBike
10 Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra 48V Folding Electric Bike View eBike
11 EMOJO Wildcat Pro Electric Mountain Bike View eBike
12 Emojo Breeze Beach Cruiser Electric Bike View eBike
13 Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike View eBike
15 Emojo Crosstown Electric Folding Bike View eBike
16 Extra Battery for Emojo Wildcat or Cougar 48V View eBike
17 Extra 48V battery for the Emojo Lynx Pro Models View eBike
18 Emojo Metal Fenders for Wildcat View eBike
19 Emojo Lynx Pro Metal Fenders View eBike
20 Emojo Rear Rack for Wildcat View eBike
21 Emojo Rear Rack for Lynx Models View eBike
22 48V Charger for Lynx Pro and Caddy Models View eBike
23 Emojo 48v Charger (Cougar and Wildcat) View eBike
24 Emojo Plastic Fenders View eBike

Emojo Best Seller

The Lynx folding electrical bike is Emojo’s best-selling bike. It’s straightforward to see why. Its small 20cm wheels and folding capabilities make it very convenient to maintain round the house or within the workplace. And with 4” fats tires you possibly can take it down the seaside and it will carry out extremely nicely.

Best Seller

Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra
Price: $1,599.00
the Lynx Pro Ultra is basically the new Lynx Pro with the 48V and all of the add included, included are each fenders, rear rack, cellphone holder, entrance light, and LCD display. The Emojo Lynx is a finest seller and fan favorite, from roads to sandy seashores, the sturdy alloy frame paired with a Bafang 500-watt electrical motor gives a quick boost when needed or just to assist deal with steep uphills.

The Emojo Lynx is a very strong eBike that may go nearly wherever, due to its fats tires! This bike is perfect for those on the lookout for something transportable and straightforward to retailer when it is not in use. It has a huge vary of 30 miles which provides you with more room to explore and have enjoyable with your pals. You really cannot go incorrect with the Lynx electrical folding bike!

Emojo Lynx Reviews

The nice lynx on this bike is that’s a ton of power. I imply, it will get going fast, and even with the large 20-inch wheels. This thing will get up to full velocity rapidly, have you ever been to one of many guys. I instructed these to make a kayak trailer and tow. It all out throughout, it throughout the Everglades with considered one of these bikes. So, that’s pretty cool. They stated it has loads of power to tow just about anything.

The only grievance I’d have about this bike is the pedal-assist type of kicks in way abruptly. So you’ll start pedaling then impulsively go, you realize really provides a jolt of energy, but that’s one.

Now, on top of that, it’s folding, it seems to be nice, it’s a number of enjoyable. You can like jump curbs, and with the big fats tires and type of go anywhere. The Emojo Lynx, good strong bike. Everything on it is lots of fun. so I’d suggest it. So, that’s Emojo Lynx electric fats tire folding bike. It’s a whole lot of fun, I had a good time.

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