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Rambo Bikes comes out of true love for the outdoors. Tailored to fit the needs of hunters, these fat tire bikes are made for all terrain, with emphasis on fields and woodland. When you ride a Rambo Bike, you are using a powerful, stealthy tool that allows you to travel whisper quiet into the woods to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride.

Rambo Bikes was not the first company to make quality robust electric hunting bikes but they have gained a strong fan base of happy customers. When you ride a Rambo bike you feel the raw power that you get every time you power up. You can choose between a variety of options ranging from 750 watt to 1000 watt motors, rear hub or mid drive motors and no matter your preference you will benefit from quality made bikes with premium components.

Using a Rambo Bike for hunting is a game changer. If you have been struggling to make the long hike through miles of wooded land with 50 lbs of gear on your back, when you use an ebike you no longer need to compromise. You can reach your blind check the perimeter in no time at all while carrying your gear and without breaking a sweat. You get their quietly and scent free. So what are YOU waiting for?

Showing 1–16 of 27 results